L'ombre d'un Feu - Experimental Score

Short, 2008, 28’
Drama, Swiss, Mikaël Ivan Roost (dir.), Jean-Marie Gindraux, Pandora Films, TSR, (prods.)
String quartet Score, recorded in Dinemec Studios

Beautiful movie of a woman unsure about her sexuality. She spends all her time on the internet when she falls in love with a Syrian woman, for whom having a girlfriend is a life threatening situation.

The film has a very quiet and calm atmosphere. I decided to use harp, solo strings and clarinet. I think the sound of the clarinet is warm and rich and I like using it to express peace. Harp, which I used with different delays, is great for mysterious ostinatos while violin and cello’s sound are powerful and expressive. All the instruments were recorded in the beautiful Dinemec Studios, Gland by recording engineer Yvan Bing.