I  was thrilled to write the original music for this poetic and emotional feature film. Plus, I had the opportunity to compose for a real orchestra, which led me to seek for simpler and more minimalist melodies. The orchestra is The F.A.M.E.’S Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, a young but already experienced orchestra for film music.

Director Christophe Chevalier was very helpful in finding the right musical tone for the film. We discussed a long time about many things such as childhood, friendship and family. I think it had much influences on the score. I was touched by his sensitivity and the dedication he had for the project.

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Soundtrack Cover

Feature film, 2012, 90’
Drama, French-swiss, Christophe Chevalier (dir.), Dominique Rappaz, Ctf-net (prod.)
Sami Frey, Anne Richard (starring)
Orchestal Score, recorded with The F.A.M.E’.S. Macedonian Radio Orchestra