Julien Painot is a Swiss music composer writing for cinema and television. He has a great passion and innate talent for film music composition and production, both in the classical, jazz and pop music world. All his pieces have several key qualities in common : his music is mature, ecstasizing and engaging. Whatever the genre he writes for, the result is that of a skilled specialist. He learnt the craft of film scoring in Los Angeles, working on numerous independent film projects as well as on big budget films, in close collaboration with film score masters such as Alex Wurman. Julien has an ear that’s mesmeric, accomplished and passionate. He deeply cares about the craft of writing and finding an authentic, personal voice to enrich that one specific project. His various learning experiences in Europe and the United States, have granted him with a versatile toolbox of instruments, sensibilities and a unique musical vocabulary. All this enables him to perfectly diagnose how music can best contribute to a film, to find the right sound for the right momentum.

Of course there is no gain without Julien’s holy trinity “preparation, practice and patience”. Julien is known for doing meticulous research before composing for his film projects, which gets him into the characters’ minds in a sincere and imaginative way. He compares writing film scores with solving puzzles, trying to make all the scenes, characters, moments and music fit together, a task that demands a lot of thinking and (re)writing. But for Julien, being fiercely analytical does not cancel out also being another thing – emotionally intense. His music manages to encapsulate the inner feelings of a character, and subconsciously enlightens the audience in a poetic rather than an overly realistic way. Julien’s sensibility as a listener, thinker and writer springs from a lifelong passion for music and learning. Since a very young age, he has been occupied with music in a professional way. He has accumulated an extensive theoretical baggage in classical, jazz and film music at the best colleges in Europe and the US – from Geneva and Lausanne to Boston and Los Angeles – purely out of love for music and learning. Constantly evolving is a way of life for him.This ebb and flow between learning and creating has turned Julien into a versatile and inspired composer, endowed with the mindset of a classical musician : disciplined and demanding, hardworking, sincere and devoted.

One of Julien’s most memorable learning experiences, was his five year stay in the United States, which brought him much closer to jazz and film music. At Boston’s Berklee College of Music, he earned a BA in Film Scoring Magna Cum Laude. He was also awarded the prestigious Film Scoring Achievement Award in Recognition of Outstanding Musicianship. During his stay in Los Angeles, Julien learnt the ins and outs of film music composition and production in a privileged way. He worked closely with renowned composers such as Alex Wurman on the big budget films Anchorman (Dreamworks) and A lot like love. In just over a year, he assisted numerous recording sessions in 20th Century Fox’s and Sony’s studio, and scored more than ten independent films and produced arrangements for numerous musicians and record companies.This practice gave him a unique headstart over other European composers, and a lifelong passion for film music. Julien adores writing music that serves a bigger goal through interaction with other art forms such as cinema. He is thoroughly fascinated by music’s storytelling abilities. A well-composed soundtrack is like a magic force that ties characters and events together, transporting actors through different scenes and situations. Julien is also intrigued by how contemporary, classical film scores move forward by becoming liberated from the classical-historic implications loaded into it. For him, classical music is not about historical reconstruction, it is a very alive, creating power ; he doesn’t worry about canons and reputations. Julien is therefore often described as an adventurous composer who knows very well what he wants, which provides plenty of opportunities for rich collaborations.

Although best known for his film music scores recorded by orchestras – his ultimate passion – Julien also composes for musicians, documentaries and TV-sitcoms, which reflects his interest in various musical sources. Feel free to contact him for a personal talk about your project, without any obligations.

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