Feature film, 2010, 82’
Swiss-spanish, Olivier Pictet, Pablo Torrado, Mar Recuenco (dirs.), Saskia Vischer, Freestudios, TSR (prod.)
Chamber orchestral score, recorded with the SIF 309 in Sofia (Bulgaria)

It was a wonderful experience to write an orchestral burlesque score for this feature film. Starring Emilio Gutiérrez, the film has great actors and a great production team. It has been awarded for best cinematography at Cinespana Film Festival.

I  am glad to have had opportunity to write for the SIF 309 in Sofia where all those famous scores have been recorded (Les Choristes, Va Vis et Deviens…) ! I was able to write completely freely without worrying about technical matters, I know they could play anything.

The music is somewhat burlesque, mysterious, and lively for orchestra and piano. The main theme had to written before, because of shooting obligations. There is a funny story about the main theme: On set, I asked the Emilio Gutiérrez to play three notes: C – D – F. I was planning to write the main theme starting with this short note sequence. The camera was filming closely the fingers pressing those keys so it had to be right! Unfortunately, he missed and played the sequence one step lower, he didn’t know how to find the C key on the piano. So the notes ended up to be: B – C and E, which eventually are the three notes of the theme! Thanks to Emilio’s mistake on set!