Official Selection of the 41st Rotterdam International Film Festival, He Was a Giant With Brown Eyes is a Fiction/Documentary telling the story of a teenager visiting her birth country, Azerbaïdjan. She is discovering her roots and the culture of her father and sister, whom she barely knows. I was glad to work in collaboration with electro musician Ladislav Agabekov for the score.

After seeing the film, we decided to go for a mix between experimental sounds and real instruments sounds. After recording violin and cello, we used bits of their sounds, altered them, and created new sound texture with them. The result is stunning and brings to the film a very interesting color. It brings the audience closer to the inner feelings of the characters.

In Rotterdam

Feature Film, 2012, 80’
Fiction/documentary, Swiss, Eileen Hofer (dir.), 5 to five team production (prod.)
Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012